Speciality: Interactive Whiteboards

Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom

A few years back, our principal decided to ask our ministry to equip our school with digital whiteboards. Since the whole school was to be rebuild, the decision was taken to equip the whole school with those digital whiteboards. Therefor we started a group of tutors in 2009 in order to teach our co-workers how to use the whiteboards in our classrooms. I’ve been part of this group since then, together with 4 other teachers from our school. In 2012, I started to lead seminars for adults on the use of IWBs in classrooms, organised by the national Institut de Formation. I’ve been looking to widen my horizont on this subject ever since.

Allstar Game

Basketball referee

Since the age of 15, I’ve been a basketball referee. I’ve had the chance to take part in a few very interesting international tournaments and was able to progress far enough to referee every division in Luxembourg.


Webmaster ADABL

As part of my engagement in the committee of basketball referees in Luxembourg, I’ve been webmaster of our homepage. (



Together with Alessandro Unfer, I’m webmaster of, the website of my wife’s workplace.


Very often Science fiction and Fantasy, mostly on my kindle paperwhite.


During holidays


If I ever find the time, which isn’t often

Collecting tv-shows and movies

My evening passtime